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So Kevin Jonas had his first kid at 26. If his kid has her first kid by 26 and her kid has their first kid by 26 and so on, then by the year 3000 Kevin Jonas’ great-great-great-grand daughter will be like 856 years old.
But, according to the song, she’ll be doing fine.
Good for her.

It’s even more far fetched when you realize the song was written by a British band before the Jonas Brothers ever releases a single song, and was release in 2003



a reality check that’s a blow to the solar plexis

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See also disabled kids and parents.
A lot a lot a lot of parents are perfectly acceptable parents until they have disabled children. They start to blame us for shit and say we deserve what they give us. my mom was a decent mother until she had me.

i hardly ever see campaigns like this.

“I Came Out to Have a Good Time and I’m Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now” is an expression used to sarcastically complain about being criticized or challenged. Although the quote originally appeared in a post by Tumblr user chardonnaymami, its source has been falsely attributed to a screenshot of a tweet supposedly posted by singer Nick Jonas of The Jonas Brothers.
thank you chardonnaymami (via iloveanime4232)

little rant


how about you guys stop being such dicks to nick. he’s been filming kingdom, and he’s working on new music. he’s working hard to do what he wants to do. I’m so fucking sick of seeing “fans” bitch and hate on him for “breaking up the band”. (jokes or not it’s immature and stupid) we should ALL just be excited for everything that’s coming up for him. why can’t you just support him and stop being bitches.

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